Membership Benefits

The Reference Guide outlines the hundreds of benefits and thousands of dollars that you and your family can save because you are a member. The benefits provided far exceed the cost of your Local Union Membership dues.

OPEIU Local 39 Benefits (Explanation of Benefits listed below):

  • Additional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit through American Income Life
  • Towing Service
  • OPEIU Scholarships Available for Members and dependents of Members
  • Union Plus- scholarships, college grants, credit cards and discounts

Additional Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit for Members and Retiree Members: Members and Retiree Members are eligible to receive $3,000 if dismembered.  The beneficiary of the member is eligible to receive $3,000 if the member dies in any type of accident.  This benefit is through American Income Life.

American Income Life offers additional Life coverage to any member interested. If you are interested in purchasing additional coverage, please contact Bill Verbeten at (262)502-9777.

Towing ServiceEach member is eligible for two (2) annual tows (up to $100.00 each) through Nation Safe Drivers. Each member will receive a towing card (which can also be used by the member's family) once enrolled in the union.  This service also includes road-side assistance such as tire changes, jump starts and unlocking your car.

When in need of a tow, simply call the number listed on your towing card. The towing service will ask for member verification. If for some reason they do not have you listed as a member, have your vehicle towed anyway and OPEIU will reimburse you for the charges up to $100.00.

Please Note: once enrolled in the union, it takes about 30 days to be registered under Nation Safe Drivers. If in need of a tow and you are not yet registered, OPEIU will reimburse you for any out of pocket cost up to $100.00.

Union Plus: Union Plus is a program that offers discounts, scholarships, credit cards and a college grant to name a few. To learn more about Union Plus or to apply for the mentioned programs, please visit