CMG United

CMG United is the CUNA Mutual Group (CMG or CMFG) unit of OPEIU Local 39. CMFG will soon be rebranding to TruStage and so our name will be changing soon as well. Since early February 2022, we have been negotiating our next collective bargaining agreement with CMFG/TruStage management. Our existing contract expired on March 31, 2022 and we have been working without a contract since then.

Current Status - August 21, 2023

After returning from strike after seeing increased willingness of TruStage management to actually negotiate, they immediately cancelled the next two bargaining sessions. Since then, we've seen willingness to negotiate and close out issues that are secondary to our members' priorities, with most of those being tentatively agreed to. However, we've also seen next to no movement on the topics that our members have identified as priorities, specifically, and in no particular order:
  • Retro pay back to when our contract expired
  • Wages that keep up with inflation
  • Quality retirement benefits for all, including future new hires
  • Quality health insurance for remote workers, like local workers have access to

In the past week, we've had numerous conversations with our members going over the company's current proposal including Q&A and discussions about the details of the proposal. In contrast, we also covered where our current proposal stands and explained the differences between the two. Late last week, all this concluded in polling our members to record their stance on approving the company's proposal, if a ratification vote were to be done.

More than 90% of our members indicated they would vote to reject the proposal.

We stand willing to bargain with TruStage over the remaining issues, but bargaining requires movement from both sides to reach a compromise. Recent movements made in our proposals have been rejected by TruStage with no explanation and resulted in a response by management that they're standing on all these priorities, refusing to move on them.

Our members have clearly indicated that, until TruStage makes significant movements on these priorities by sending us a fair and truly market competitive proposal, their proposals will be soundly rejected, if sent to a ratification vote.

Press Releases

Strike Authorization

OPEIU Local 39 has been representing employees at CUNA Mutual Group/TruStage for more than 80 years. Never once in those years have we found it necessary for us to strike. Yet, we have never seen management stoop to the levels they have to avoid bargaining in good faith, either. Over the past several months, we've been forced to file numerous unfair labor practice charges against CUNA Mutual Group/TruStage for violating federal labor law, including the unjustified retaliatory firing of our chief steward, Joe Evica. After waiting months for CMFG/TruStage to stop breaking the law and return to the bargaining table, on April 19, 2023, we took the unprecedented step of calling for a strike authorization vote. 

The result was loud and clear. 87% of our members turned out for the vote and 92% voted to approve a strike authorization.


Early in negotiations, our members indicated their top five priorities for these negotiations. In no particular order, they are: fair compensationjob securityremote workretirement security, and quality and affordable health care.

Fair Compensation

The following is an example showing the change in one employee's salary under each side's current proposed salary changes, including the effects of inflation, both recently and estimated at 2% for the future. Under CMFG's/TruStage's proposed changes, we would effectively take a pay cut and wouldn't even earn a salary that is effectively equivalent to what we made in 2001 until after 2025. 

In fact, if you add up the total of the losses that CMFG's/TruStage's proposed changes would inflict on us and, use a raise of 3% and inflation of 2% to extend the effect beyond the term of the proposed contract, we wouldn't even break even until 2030.

Meanwhile, while we have gone without a raise for more than two years during the worst inflation in well over 40 years, CMFG/TruStage is making record profits year over year. In the three years prior to our negotiations, they made over $1 billion, yet they apparently expect us to sacrifice as if our company was losing money.

Job Security - Outsourcing and Contractor Usage

In the early 2000's, CUNA Mutual Group/TruStage employed nearly 1,700 union members. Since then, they have been on a crusade to outsource and contract out our jobs. After nearly two decades of chipping away at membership, enough is enough. Jobs are outsourced for a few years, only to return to the company, who then hides those positions from the union and fills them with non-union employees. Contractors, are brought on to help with short-term projects or to fill empty positions when no suitable candidate can be found, both of which are contractually limited to 1 year. Yet there are many contractors who have been at CMFG/TruStage for more than 5 years and several that have been here longer than 10 years.

We need job security to feel confident in our future and to provide long-term, stable employment that grows and enriches our communities.

Remote Work

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, CUNA Mutual Group/TruStage, like many other companies, switched almost overnight to a remote work environment. Since then, we've proven year over year that the great remote work experiment was a resounding success, with year over year record breaking profits. As the pandemic continued, some employees moved out of state and numerous new employees were hired for remote work all over the country. 

Management is now trying to enshrine the ability to recall workers back to the office with little to no notice into our contract, while we want to make sure that no one is forced to choose between uprooting their family or losing their job on the whim of their manager. We've proven remote work is effective and there's no reason to require remote workers to return to the office.

Retirement Security

For decades, CUNA Mutual Group/TruStage has been in the business of administering pension plans for credit unions and other companies across the country. Yet, during every contract negotiations for the past 10-20 years, they have attempted to eliminate our pension in one way or another. This time, CMFG/TruStage wants to eliminate it for newly hired employees, cutting the company's contribution to our retirement in half while offering nothing to offset this loss and thus forcing employees to delay retirement by many years. When asked how much money such a cut would save them, management indicated that it would save the company a combined total of $189,000 over 3 years for the entire union.

For such an important benefit that costs CMFG/TruStage so little, there's no conscionable reason to make a cut like this.

Quality and Affordable Healthcare

CUNA Mutual Group/TruStage offers two types of health insurance to us, a high quality, low out-of-pocket HMO for those in and around Dane County and several CDHP plans with low cost but extremely high deductibles for those who live outside the immediate area. Consistently, CMFG/TruStage attempts to eliminate the HMO plan due to it's higher premium, for both employees and the company, but never offers anything close to a comparable replacement. The CDHP plans they offer are are prohibitively expensive (but only to the employee) due to their high deductibles, forcing many employees with these plans to forego important procedures or even routine care.

For those outside the Dane County area, they have no choice in this matter. It's either select a CDHP plan or go without insurance as the HMO is strictly local. With the rise in remote work in the past few years, this problem will only get worse. Everyone deserves quality healthcare that they can afford to use.