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We continued exchanging proposals in an effort to address the non-economic issues. We made a package proposal on vacation carryover and combined it with the Company’s proposals on vacation for new hires. 

In addition, we made a package proposal on recall/lay-off and temporary language combined with the Company proposal on transfer back to former positions reducing the time period from 6 months to 2 months which is currently the way the IBEW contract reads.
We provided the Company with a bilingual presentation in an effort to show how the demographics in the Madison area has changed and how there has been a sharp increase in both the number of calls and walk in customers requiring Spanish speaking employees. We emphasized that this is a very important function in both serving our customers and de-escalating any possible safety threats because of communication barriers. To qualify, the employee will need to pass an assessment as well as there must be a business need. Our presentation was given by Myra Medrano and we would like to thank her for her expertise as well as her willingness to present during our bargaining session.   
We then caucused and when the Company returned they accepted our two package proposals (above) so we were able to TA four items. The Company provided us with a counter proposal on Home Agents: their intent is not to add the Home Agent language to the contract but rather to put it into the Company's Policy and Procedures and reference in the contract. The Company and Union signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to meet to discuss and resolve issues regarding the Call Center and Cash Processing Department. It states “the parties will meet no later than 30 days after contract ratification to start discussions and develop resolutions.” 
We will be reviewing and addressing Home Agent when we meet next Thursday to continue the bargaining process. The Company stated they intended to provide us with Wage, Health and Pension counter proposals.
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