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Welcome to the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 39
The Office and Professional Employees International Union are office, technical and professional employees working together to improve our jobs and the lives of our families. OPEIU is the first, and largest, labor union in the United States and Canada dedicated to professional, technical and office workers. Local 39's organization begins with its members. We represent over 3,000 professional, technical and clerical employees in the greater Madison, WI area.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve with each passing day, OPEIU wants to ensure its members are made aware of the myriad resources available to help during this uncertain time. The Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), just released an easy-to-follow primer on what the first three coronavirus stimulus packages mean for you and your family.

Click here to download the Speaker’s fact sheet and be sure to continue checking OPEIU’s updated collection of COVID-19 resources on our website

Latest News
September 2018 19 September 2018

September 2018

CUNA Mutual Group (CMG) has a robust Internship program that, over the years, has led to a large number of new-hires right out of college. One of these was a woman named Idah Karonga. Born in Zimbabwe, Idah was here on a student visa when she became an intern in 2015. When she graduated the next year, she was hired back full-time and became an important part of the Applications Architecture team.
August 2018 29 August 2018

August 2018

Results are in from the August Primary! We now know who will take on Scott Walker for Governor and who is battling to be our Senator. Also below, updates on contracts from around the local, a Call to Action regarding the Supreme Court seat, and great news out of Missouri.
June/July 2018 16 July 2018

June/July 2018

At one point, there were sixteen declared Democratic candidates running to be the one to take on the governor that brought Act 10 and "right to work" to Wisconsin. The large number of candidates has since been cut in half, but even with eight candidates still running, we have a great opportunity to find the candidate who we think has the best ideas for Wisconsin. You get to choose on August 14th.